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  1. quitejaded added a post in a topic Anime as a "Mode of Expression"   

    I don't know how to edit, so I'll just say it here. You failed to mention the animes I just talked about which disappoints me because I think these animes are one of the most serious and profoundly philosophical animes out there. Full Metal Alchemist is popular because it has "alchemy" and fighting.
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  2. quitejaded added a post in a topic Anime as a "Mode of Expression"   

    You failed to mention Astroboy.

    Yes, I think anime is an excellent mode of expression and is often used for that. Just watch Serial Experiments Lain and Boogie Pop Phantom that raises questions in a way that an essay you write cannot equate.

    I doubt philosophy is used to make it more interesting. I don't know about Japanese audience, but philosophy would not attract an American crowd.
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  3. quitejaded added a post in a topic Your views on John Locke   

    I thought he was only famous for having influence on USA.
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  4. quitejaded added a topic in Site   

    In the Shout BOx
    Why don't my posts show up?
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  5. quitejaded added a post in a topic Are you afraid of death?   

    I don't know why some people are afraid of death. Is the fact that you will no longer exsist in this wretched world so terrifying?

    The process of death is scary. It implies pain or loss.

    I can't help but ponder on the view of death in other cultures. My English teacher has been surrounding our minds with Japanese this and japanese that and death and suicide come up A LOT. Quite often. And in hispanic cultures. The view of death is different. They don't seem to react to it the way the original poster (fence?) does.
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  6. quitejaded added a post in a topic Lucid Dreaming and Christianity   

    I never thought of that. I've killed my own brother in my dreams. ... that dream was all together pretty wild and awesome, actually...

    So are you asking if its still wrong? It sounds like you answered your own question.
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  7. quitejaded added a post in a topic Self   

    My problem is
    1) There was God before Christianity...
    2) Christianity ruled over only a portion of the world

    But the first part seems good. I never thought of it like that.
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  8. quitejaded added a post in a topic Slow Reading   

    I read slow.

    Not by choice.

    I hate it.
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  9. quitejaded added a post in a topic a n00b attempt: Language   

    No! I'm still talking about word! The importance of words and grammar in philisophical discussion, not morality!
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  10. quitejaded added a post in a topic a n00b attempt: Language   

    That's more along the lines of what I'm talking about.
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  11. quitejaded added a post in a topic The Problem of Good   

    I just want to say...

    Satan = Lucifer, right?

    And Lucifer isn't omni anything.
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  12. quitejaded added a post in a topic The Free Will Defense   

    I just wanted to say

    1) assuming this is Christian God, the bible says he is uber good

    2) Why does an omnimax need PRIORITIES?
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  13. quitejaded added a topic in Site   

    Uh... How does this work?
    1) How do you guys do that name thing? You have someone's name in boldface. I really don't want to believe you guys just use the bbcode to bold the guy's name.

    2) How do i make it so it stops emailing me about replies! It's really annoying!
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  14. quitejaded added a topic in Influence   

    Philosophy of the United States
    What was the original philosophy of the US and how did it change?

    I don't know exactly what the original philosophy was (according to SATs, something to do with John Locke?), but I'm sure something in it changed when Abe came into office.

    After several violations of the constitution and the civil war, I assume the ideology of the nation changed.

    My main question I've been thinking is were we supposed to be sovereign states united by the constitution, or one single block?

    I hate reading these documents that are like "the railroads connect the US together so we should be one nation" because nothing official comes from it.

    Also, I'm well aware of Franklin's little cartoon. Something like "We should hang together or we will hang seperately." but I don't know if he meant that just for the war or for the united states in general. Plus, that's just one founding father's opinion.

    Anyway, this has been bothering me for a bit! Anyone have something to say?
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  15. quitejaded added a topic in Explore   

    Physics, Math, and Philosophy
    Aren't they all just the same thing?

    Not an interesting thread, I just had a question and figured this was where you put it.
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