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  1. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic Drawing/Painting   

    Lol scotty, you don't have to be GOOD at art to do it. I will post some of my works tonight haha or try atleast. No promises, it will all depend on my cam.
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  2. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic An incident with Dowitchers   

    Dave, I looked at all your photography. I love it all! You are amazing! The street photography is my favorite.
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  3. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    I actually agree with most of this. It's like I said in my post, being a christian is not believing that if someone hands [themself] over to the devil, they are going to hell. Love plays a HUGE roll in the entire entity of God. God is a spiritual being and he created us in his image, which could mean he created us how he sees himself, but we are personified. Love is love no matter what, and to be a christian believer, you need to love all. Love thine enemy as if they were thy brother. I really like what Michael had to say about it, because that is a huge thing about it. The main point that I myself forgot to mention: Love.
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  4. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic Old Testament   

    The thing about haiti seems unlikely. When you give yourself to the devil, you are not blessed, but you are not cursed either. God loves everybody the same, and he only wants people to CHOOSE him. If they don't, do be it. That doesn't mean he is going to shower fire down on them or something. And to add to that, God is a mighty being, but he isn't a mean titan who kills people when they disobey. If they disobey, they just feel a bast emptiness. If I was to turn Wiccan today, God wouldn't send a car to hit me. I just wouldn't get the blessings he does give.... That is my beliefs on the subject. Natural disasters happen because we are ruining our earth, not because he is pissed off. And as for creation, Darwinian theory has been proven wrong very easily and I do believe we were created but not in 6 literal days. A day to him might be millions of years to us. My mom told me that is how the dinosaurs lived before humans, because he created animals first and then humans, but it was in a longer time span then a literal 144 hours. That is what I was taught and what I BELIEVE. I am not saying I am right, or anybody else is wrong, but that is my say and my beliefs/opinions on the subject matter.... (don't hate on me please...)
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  5. BloodBathedAngel added a topic in Create   

    Here, we can upload any drawings or paintings that you have made. I will upload a few samples of my own, since I am a very avid artist. I also do requested works, so if you want to make any requests, do it here!!
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  6. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic Usernames!   

    Normally, when I am on forums and mmorpg games (which I play alot of) I have usernames that I made up by creating names for anime chars I draw. The most commonly used is Sahimeru and Chiioko. But on a new forum, I needed a new idea, and I am a gothic, dark person. People always say I am such an angel, and they are proud of me but if I was an angel, I'd be covered in blood from all the times I have wronged someone or myself in any way, shape or form. So Blood bathed Angel is basically just my inner self, the angel who isn't an angel.
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  7. BloodBathedAngel added a post in a topic Gaining Weight and Strength Training   

    I work out alot too....being a girl, it is very wierd going into a gym and lifting weights....I have a special secret routine, and I haven't been able to go as much since I started working but I dance tons of calories off from food I eat, and I am a martial artist. In my martial arts PE class in school, we did weight lifting every second day, so I kinda stuck with it after the class ended. Deadlifts are hard for me because my mobility in my left hand is next to nothing, from car accidents and stuff. I wish you luck thoug! I am trying to lose weight right now because a girl who is 5 foot 2 inches should not weigh in at 168 lbs. >_> My goal is 140, because I went up from 138 to 168. D:
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