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    Thanks, I will try this.
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    Flash My Brain
    Does anyone know if this is any good? Flash My Brain.

    It's $30, I wish they gave a trial or something. I was interested in their Spanish, Russian, and Japanese stuff.

    Normally I'd go on studystack, but studystack is kind of low-quality, and you can't always trust the flashcards that other people make.
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    What is that large fountain there?
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    Going back to old threads will also prevent the same topics from being started again, and encourage new ideas maybe.
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    This place has been helpful, and I think I've learned a lot since joining. I'm glad to see the forum evolving.

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    This is a good idea, I don't know how helpful I can be, but a summary of the 100 page freewill thread could be nice.
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    I've seen Trainspotting so maybe I'll see that later.
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    It should be noted that I said something earlier that is wrong.

    If X is morally correct in a certain culture, that does not mean it will be or should be morally correct in another culture. Today's laws in my country are legislated to preserve order and prevent immoralities while still allowing citizens to enjoy a certain amount of freedom. This balancing act is the site of high court arguments when people become polarized on certain issues to decide whether or not law X fits in with this balance. History is fraught with examples of certain arts being outlawed because it either encroached on political power for whatever reason, or the government and/or citizens believed such things damaged the moral fiber of society.
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    Thanks for the netsuke stuff, I didn't know those were worn. <<< Research news for the masses.
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    I haven't really found anything relevant to that place...

    Some sites I go to, regularly or rarely (all safe for work): <<< good for flashcards for foreign languages and other study tools for pretty much any subject <<< stuff for learning japanese <<< Tim Takamatsu's site for learning Japanese, and other Japanese information. Really thorough... <<< lots of random information... found this while looking up information on world religions <<< spanish lessons I found helpful plus an unfortunately dead spanish chat <<< Blog by Karl Denninger. Lots of financial jargon , especially in the forum. <<< Personal finance education. Hang out for investors. Place for people who want to educate themselves about the financial system. <<< Very active math forum. Get help in math. Help others in math. <<< Scholarships and financial aid search for students. <<< Read about current international conflicts. <<< Another *chan board. Hang out for white people who wish they were Japanese.

    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are really good, but those have already been mentioned. <<< Your source for used and new books. Massive.

    Also, I idle in #japanese on IRC on the Rizon network.

    That's about it...
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    That was a good civil reply, thanks. I apologize for the tone in the original post, it was overly defensive and even a bit hostile.

    To be honest, no I probably wouldn't, only because it seems so arbitrary to punishing people for drawing pictures of entirely fictional characters. Also I'm going to have to dwell more on my point about thought crimes, it's obvious there are some things I am assuming here.

    I think this point depends on the culture. Every year in Japan there is something called "Comiket" which is a massive gathering of manga artists looking to sell their work. Sexually explicit material exists at this event, and young people do show up.

    This excerpt is from the book The Japanese Have a Word For It,

    "When I was a young, naive fellow of 21 visiting in the house of an 18-year old Japanese girl friend, her younger sister came up to me one day, showed me a 69-position sex chart and asked me which of the positions I liked best. The hand-drawn illustrations on the chart were in glorious color and left little to the imagination, but they combined riotous sexuality with refined taste in such a way that they definitely had redeeming social value."

    Putting aside cultural differences, this point does have merit though and I wouldn't let my 6-year old look at explicit material regularly, art or not (in the mainstream definition). I just wanted to point out another facet of our culture (Western) that is arbitrary.

    Also from The Japanese Have a Word For It,

    "One of the more important facets of the emotional side of the Japanese is a compulsive adoration of bay-like cuteness as expressed in the term kawaii [this means cute in Japanese]. The Japanese are more culturally conditioned than most to react positively to people and to things that radiate the kind of sweet innocence found in infants.

    ... A significant percentage of Japan's television commercials are specifically designed around cuteness themes that are on the infantile level. The aim of the commercials is to portray virginal innocence and childish honesty ...

    The Japanese attachment to cuteness does not appear to be weakening as a result of Western influence. It remains an element in the Japanese marketplace that foreign businessmen need to recognize and consider in their efforts to sell in Japan."

    I think the reasons for why anyone would create art involving "child drawn images that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal" vary. Also, they are not always intended to cause sexual arousal. Some pictures want to capture something about what characterizes children. I would point out "kawaii"-ness and purity. If you ever watch an anime series such as "Lucky Star" which I've seen recently, it becomes blatantly obvious what the artists and writers of this show were trying to do. All the characters were overly cute, and even if it was set in a high school, they could easily be elementary school children.

    Picture from the show Lucky Star so you can see what I mean.

    Also, depending on what definition of pornography we use, "child drawn images that are sexually explicit" does not have to be intended to cause sexual arousal. Again, the artist may be wanting to capture something that characterizes children instead of exploiting fetishisms such as specifically being attracted to young children.

    Another important thing to note is that the stereotype image of 40-year old, white pedophiles sitting in their basement looking at CP and drooling over their keyboards is just wrong if you lump it in with people who enjoy Japanese pop culture. It's just ignorance. I remember in the 9th grade at my high school, there was this one girl who was really into anime, and I would tease her about a yaoi (male-to-male) manga she had featuring shotacon (young boys). I know this is all colloquial, but in my experience it's a young crowd that is the primary consumer. I don't appreciate unfamiliar people thinking there is something psychologically or morally wrong with me.

    I'm not sure what to say here. I actually wouldn't know how to argue against jurisdiction toward stopping thought crimes.

    I brought up thought crimes, because it seems the only reason there is jurisdiction against drawn CP, other than being arbitrary, is that people seem to think that this is somehow related to child molestation or maybe exploitation of real children is involved somehow, so lawmakers went ahead and passed a law in order to "protect" something. This is wrong because no children are being exploited. Not only that, but Japan, where hentai originated has some of the lowest crime rates in the world including rape rates.

    Statistics found here.

    I don't think anything should go, unless someone is being harmed in the process, that is why CP is illegal because CP implies that children are being hurt in the process. We have a legislative body to create civil laws in the US to protect citizens, but we also have to uphold certain basic rights as well. This is why the reformed legislation for CP in the US to include drawn pictures was eventually shot down in court because it violated freedom of expression.

    In a more worldwide view, I suppose it would depend on the culture, and there are plenty of places today where this would be entirely inappropriate. Is that right or wrong? I don't know how to answer that. This probably depends on how the culture views sexuality and what certain basic rights are given to people (such as freedom of speech in America). Objectively, I'm not sure how to argue that drawn CP is okay.

    Indeed, I have heard of a Brazilian man who starved a dog on display and called it art (it's debated whether this actually happened or not). I wanted to show actual pictures from artists who produce this kind of stuff, to show that it fits into the "mainstream" accepted definition of art. By this I mean, what people normally think of when they think 'art'.

    Also, a pile of fecal matter could be symbolic of everyday life, so it is quite artistic.

    I remember at the website Sankaku Complex (a hang out for anime otakus and those who like hentai), someone commented on one of the news articles and said something along the lines of, "Why is it that every single news piece and article randomly features a picture of a school girl, and news articles even remotely related to a Japanese school girl end up here?" Someone replied and said it's because the users of the website grew up watching this stuff in anime and being exposed to it so it just seems to fit naturally with them. This could be an example of Pavlovian conditioning.

    There is also what I said above about children embodying certain characteristics that make children, children. When we think of the elderly people, do we think cute, pure, innocent, etc.? No, because that trait does not embody the image of the elderly.

    Yes I meant drawn CP.

    More accurately, I should say that there should not be laws against it in the relevant 1st world countries I am referring to. Why would Sweden pass this kind of law making all child pornography, real or abstract, illegal? These things existed in a culturally accepted context prior to these laws being passed, which is why I found them arbitrary.

    Whether these are morally correct or not is another big question.
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  12. Oneiromancy added a topic in Influence   

    Child Pornography Art
    I would like to defend drawn child pornography in this topic, particularly in the realm of Japanese style animation (anime). By all means, tear me apart if you have a dissenting opinion.

    Link from NY Times blog

    After hearing about this Australian man, I checked out Wikipedia and learned that this was also illegal in other countries that I thought would be lax on this matter. The lolicon article on wikipedia has a list of some places where it's illegal.

    I do not like anti-drawn CP (child pornography) laws because they are vague, and pave the way for jurisdiction against thought crimes.

    The reason why we have laws against CP, is because it exploits real life children, usually against their will or by tricking them into participating. CP harms real people. On the other hand, drawn fictional images do not harm anyone, and are simply artwork by the producer because they come entirely from the imagination.

    One argument that comes up often is that even fictional pictures harm children because the people who produce it and view it start to see children as objects and children become more likely to be exploited. This is a thought crime. I would also like to see some evidence to corroborate this argument. If the person has not actually harmed a real life child, by prosecuting that person for fictional images of children, you have prosecuted them for no reason other than for preventative measures. I wonder how many people who regularly view drawn CP have ever raped a child compared to people who do not view the images in question?

    The ignorant ones will say, “Why do you care? This stuff is really tasteless and pathetic, and I can't imagine anyone looking at it.”

    Even if you don't like it, we should not make it illegal because that would make it a thought crime. It doesn't matter how tasteless or weird you may deem it personally. Applying the same rationale, we should destroy all media that could potentially make people more violent or sexually deviant including all porn in general, all violent movies, all erotic literature, all violent video games etc.

    For those that are unfamiliar, these things are probably more much more popular than you would think, and also are of a higher quality (meaning more artistic) than your preconceptions. Even in the realm of drawn images of children involved in sex acts, they are of surprising volume and quality. I am specifically referring to hentai—sexually explicit images based on Japanese style animation (anime). I looked up Simpsons pornography after reading about this story, and predictably it was nothing I was interested in.

    I enjoy collecting all this art, the same way anyone else would enjoy collecting and viewing artwork by Picasso. Yes, it is art, and this statement is by no means a “stretch”. This is not some cheap Simpsons fantasy, or sloshing some yellow paint randomly onto a canvass. I respect it just as much as anything else normally considered art in the mainstream.

    I don't even make much of a distinction between sexually explicit images or otherwise, because they are often borderline depending on how you end up defining “pornography”. Also, I don't just collect pictures for the explicit content, and I simply like the Japanese art style in general. I especially love fan-made and professionally-made content based off anime series I've watched both explicit and not. In my experience, others feel this way about it as well.

    I do not discriminate for age, although, there would be nothing wrong with just collecting pictures of young girls, the same way some people just really love Picasso and surreal artwork or maybe paintings with a lot of warm colors. It is just a preference or a taste and is also benign.

    There are plenty of well-known artists who also produce explicit work. I blogged about Makoto Shinkai, the animator behind three blockbusters Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and Beyond the Clouds. Believe it or not, this guy assists in making openings for an adult games (eroge) company in Japan.

    Okay, returning to the topic … I would post pictures just to show how great some of this art can be, but that would be inappropriate here. Here is a sample image (yes, it is safe) from an artist known as Gayarou who produces lolicon (refers to young girls). You have to copy-paste the links manually otherwise you'll get 403'd for some reason.


    Is this porn? I actually would label this porn in this case (ice cream is a popular fetishism), however, I also think it is a respectable piece of artwork. He also has other entirely non-explicit pictures that are good.


    “Simulated child pornography” is vague. How do I know how old the character in question is? What if the character is based off a manga in which he or she is 200 years old but looks 14 for whatever reason? What if they're not human in the story but just look human? What if the character is 14 but looks 200 years old for whatever reason? What is considered porn anyway?

    From Sweden:

    The last bit is interesting. Remember the olympic logo that looked like Lisa Simpson doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing? Was that child pornography?

    I understand that in the United States, these questions are decided by a judge, and that is what worries me, because a person could potentially be labeled a sex offender for life because of a judge's subjective opinion about the matter.
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    What's an RSS feed?
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    This sounds like if someone is mentally distressed, they may bring up images that aren't entirely accurate.

    I could also sit here, and imagine myself killing someone, would that image be projected?

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    Good pictures davidm. That place looks ancient.
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