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  1. Schaps added a post in a topic A Possible Solution to the Problem of Evil   

    The problem(s) with evil.
    Premise: The word "evil" is applicable only to the human species. It does not apply to other living entities or inanimate objects
    Premise: "problem" is applicable to
    1. Victim (s) of evil
    2. Perpetrator (s) of evil
    3. observer (s) of evil

    Premise: G/d can only and does only have a plan that is "for the good" of each and every individual.

    Premise: "Free will" applies only to the ability of an individual to choose freely between committing Goodness or Evil. The action itself e.g., the death of a child would have ocured regardless of whether an individual acted to cause the death. That death was part of G/d's plan for ultimate Goodness- both for the child and all those associated with him/her. One may NEVER see the "goodness" that is the outcome of the death - that is the eternal difference between the Creator and the created, but humanity is blessed with the ability to Trust implicitly in the Goodness of G/d and Good outcome of His works.

    Seen in this light, the only "problem " that remains is that of the perpetrator of the evil, who ( having free choice ) chose to perpetrate evil rather than Good. He/she is then faced with the results of his/her actions- be they remorse, justice and punishment by peers or zero consequences in this earthly realm but ( at least within JudeoChristian theologies) having to answer for his/her actions in the Court of the World to Come.
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  2. Schaps added a comment on a blog entry Inner Peace   

    "Inner peace" IMHO, is an individual, ever changing construct that may be achieved by attempts to resolve and/or answer the eternal great questions of life by whatever means that work for the individual.
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  3. Schaps added a comment on a blog entry Inner Peace   

    Actually -שלמ (Hebrew) has several meanings in the original Hebrew. The most appealing one to me is the concept of "perfection" - it does NOT mean "peace״ although that is its usual English translation.
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  4. Schaps added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    I am "Schaps"- a shortened version of my name
    I think I found this site after a Google search for the role of logic and/or rules in philosophy. Why this search? I can't remember but I am fascinated by considering the value or not of rules within the humanities and arts in general. The information presented and discussed here seem to be informative and entertaining. I look forward to participating. .
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