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  1. baylee added a post in a topic Langan's CTMU, and ISCID   

    Yes, David. In hoping the abstract is best qualified for that, I paste it below. My own analysis is still too premature, but in this process I'm curious about specific influences and possible points
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  2. baylee added a topic in History and Philosophy of Science   

    Langan's CTMU, and ISCID
    This seems worth exploring: The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: A New Kind of Reality Theory by Christopher Langan, a society fellow with International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design.

    Would anyone be interested in talking about these entities? Initial impressions and so forth?
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  3. baylee added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    Thank you, Hugo. And I also hope to mean that TGL, entirely, beyond the Media section, is graciously comprehensive.
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  4. baylee added a post in a topic Introduce yourself here...   

    I found this forum through a link in Wikipedia when reading about the movie Solaris. The apparent breadth and depth finally drew me in to this learning environment, probably like no other. I am glad to meet all of you.
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