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  1. Post on Art and suffering in Explore

    By chad3006, posted
    Somewhere on the forum The Heretic posted something about a conversation he had with someone about art and suffering. I didn't have time to read the entire post, and I can't find it now (once again I'm somewhat rushed now). So I'll post this here … just for the Hell of it.

    Heretic said something to the effect: Good art requires suffering. And our modern culture doesn't include sufficient suffering so our art is crap.

    To expand on that, I'd say perhaps more to the point, good art requires the artist to have so called “life experiences,” which many times does involve a goodly amount of suffering. Our culture seems to insulate us from life experiences, making us instead sheep-like consumers. I'm sure we all realize that.

    I know I'm at my most creative after I've dealt with some trial in my life, the more real the trial, the better the creativity.

    Furthermore I think this lack of real living contributes to our cultural penchant for creating drama out of the most ordinary situations. It seeps into our media, news, tv, etc.

    Anyway, I gotta go.