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  1. Post on Yo! Star Wars! in Influence

    By The Heretic, posted
    By next week, some of us will have succumbed to the hype and attend an overcrowded theater in meatspace. It's expected to break all sorts of records at the box office. Some pundits are going as high as $220 million domestic for opening weekend.  
    I fearlessly predict a 191 million debut, on account of lower-than-expected number of screens (3,900). Too many external factors constraining the maximum potential results. 
    As for the film itself, I hope for something closer to the first three films than the latter three, where Lucas' ambitions exceeded his grasp repeatedly. Of all the films within the next 12 months, this one appeals to the kid in me the most, because I was a Star Wars fan before I got into comic books or video games or mythology. Moreover, I've actively ignored all spoilery material up til now. Here's the trailer, if you haven't had the pleasure. 
    What do you expect from this event film?