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These links are meant for reference, study, and information regarding the Media. If you recommend any other links, please post them in this thread. This is a continuous process so I will be updating the links as I find them.

Media criticism, debate, and news

Public Relations Watch

Part of the larger, Center for Media and Democracy, this site provides useful information and criticism of the Media in general and public relations. This site is particularly useful for any research on media manipulation or controversy. Also useful are the blogs hosted at the site by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton.

American Journalism Review

The American Journalism Review is national magazine that examines all forms of Journalism. Its is particularly useful for information on the ethical dilemmas journalists face.

Columbia Journalism Review

There tag line says "America's premier Media monitor. They cover the same areas as the American Journalism Review and are useful for a variety of Media topics. Be sure to check the archives.


A UK media watchdog group. The purpose of the site is to bring attention to the problems of media coverage, namely, the inadequate reporting of the 'failings of the world around us.' Offers a useful index of articles, blogs, and a message board.

Media Watch

For good information on media stereotypes, and ways to challenge it visit this site.

Open Airwaves

A very good and informative site. The Center for Public integrity is an investigative journalist group that report on public policy issues.

New Media Musings

An informative site by J.D. Lasica, blogger. Check the articles section for a variety of good information on Journalism.

War and Piece

A blog by Laura Rozen that provides useful information on foreign policy and natural security issues. Yes, it is actually "piece" in the blog title.

Press Think

A very good blog by Jay Rosen on the Media. Rosen is particularly concerned about maintaining the integrity of 'the press' as distinguished from the "media."

The Revealer

This is an informative site about religion and the media.

First Draft

This might be of interest only to me but it is largely a good site concerning the quality of journalism, particularly addressed to journalists. Its useful for an insight into everyday journalism and what reporters think are the good and bad of the profession.

Film Analysis and Theory

Film Philosophy

Incredible, and engaging site about philosophy and film. The range of movies reviewed and analyzed are amazing.

Sense of Cinema

Another great film site. Many reviews, info, and great articles.

Film International

Critical reviews and analyses of films. Another good site.


A Journal about Religion and Film. Visit for insightful analyses of religion in a variety of films.


Lengthy essays, and with a particular eye on socially relevant and independent films make this a very good site to read.

Milk Plus

An interesting, and informative film blog dedicated to the serious discussion of films.

A Girl and a Gun

Insightful essays about film complement what is otherwise a seemingly timid blog.

Bitter Cinema

A great looking blog offering news, analyses and many links to other great film sites( it is actually spelled "bitter").


An informative blog by a screenwriter. Read his explanation of the new Family Movie act of 2005 for what I consider to be some disturbing news.

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