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Comedy Relief

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Where I live, movie companies are constantly disrupting our lives by taking over my block for their shoots. So, it is by no means surprising to walk out in the morning and find half the block occupied by their equipment. But this Monday I saw something which looked like a Student project from NYU's school of film. A crew which consisted of nine or ten people, one security guard, and Bingo, there's Captain Kirk, pardon me, William Shatner, doing some kind of advertisment.

I've been told that this shoot must be for I am sceptical I believe it's an ad for constipation relief.



Now take a look at this last close crop of Shattner. Is this man constipated or what?


Finally in an effort to really make my day, the "Security" asked me to stop taking pictures of the Captain. I had a good laugh over this really dumb request...



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