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An Amazing Day at the Marsh

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I had an amazing day at my favorite Brooklyn Marsh last week. While I often see birds at a distance, it's rare that I am successful in actually tracking them down, and photographing them. Success at close ups, usually occurs when I stumble on these birds, freeze, and then get off the shots. But in this rare case, even though they knew I was around, I got thirty or forty shots off After I stalked them. Made my day! :)

This first bird is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron, relatively rare in Brooklyn...


I was able to get within forty feet of this bird, and got off shots like this one.


Later I saw this Little Blue Heron, one of the birds which always makes me think of an alien invasion.


I was able to track him down as well, and watch him fish.




Finally, as he flew away, I realized that this was a young bird, less than a year old. Little Blues when they are young are completely white, and are often mistaken for Egrets. As they turn into adults, they assume their normal color. In this shot, we can see the few patches of white that have not yet been replaced.



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