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Street Photography

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Street Photography, or the art of showing people in their day to say activities, is a genre that I am in the process of learning. While I have the right to shoot anyone who appears in public, I don't have the right to harass them. My attitude toward this can be summed up as:

"I never attempt to hide what I'm doing. And I also make a big effort not to interfere with anyone elses life. In other words my attitude is, I have a right to photograph anyone I want in public, and anyone in public has a right to go about their life without me obstructing their life."

I especially enjoy shooting at night, although my attitude handicaps me, because I never use a flash.

Here are some of my later efforts, shot last weekend.








I find that about half the people I shoot, enjoy being photographed. In fact many immediately pose for the camera. About 40 percent don't care one way or the other, and the remaining ten percent are not happy about it. A small handful of people actually get belligerent. I find that using a big SLR camera even if it doesn't arouse hostility, does arouse suspicion, so I use a small compact camera, which actually is a very capable machine. I try to capture the feel of a particular area, and I fully realize that shooting people on the street is in some way shooting myself.


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