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"Information Overload"

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An essay which was written some months back while intoxicated I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!

Information Overload

The contention that Beethoven 5th Symphony can played on a ringtone is a lot more profound then at first sight. Originally, a ground-breaking composition, it is now casually played to alert a person that someone is calling. Only a century ago Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was met with anger, and a riot was formed to meet Stravinsky’s open display musical taboo. The same composition that in later years was played in a cartoon. Later Ornstein, originally a child prodigy was booed off stage during his first performance of “Wild Man’s Dance.” These artists pushed the boundaries of formalities on hand in knees. Now in the 21 century it can officially be noted that, literally, it has all been done, and such social stigmas of the passed have been yanked through the looking glass so far that the have lapped themselves. Ironically, the only limitation in this century is not the morality, or what is “acceptable”, but what can over come the decadence of the audience. Accepting the regurgitation offered by the radio, the current generation has the most profound open forum of creativity at their disposal, and yet the instant gratification of the digital media outlet has spoiled them to a state of contemporary amnesia, a short attention span, and laziness. The artist is pushed into the labor camps of mass-produced media, where music is practically copy and pasted, so much so that only one song needed to be downloaded is a text document which reads: “Insert expectations here.” The musician is an empty slogan, a meaningless gesture, and most disgusting of all, an image. When the title “musician” no longer contains implications that they recorded, wrote, and composed their own music, and therefore a personal connection to what they have claimed as their intellectual property, it only reveals the over arching superstructure to which their creativity belongs. Most disgusting of all, while the music industry advertising the sensationalist garbage down the windpipes of the decadent public, the same industry claims that the redundant metronome that is called music adds the title “popular” and therefore the will of the people. Wither the claim is true or not is my concern, and if so only proves my point further.

Here and now that I declare my artistic independence. No longer will I be slave to the industry, which robs the intelligence and integrity of the audience, and expects the most human element to produce as a machine. No longer will my concerns will be the revenue and payroll that I receive for essentially impersonal crap, nor will I piss into the wind attempting to gain the attention of the mass audience which does not care. With the small audience I have reached, I will rest soundly knowing that the art, which I have created, was not a lie.

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You should make a video of yourself singing this (preferably to a 12-tone "Schönbergian" melody) and put it up on Youtube.

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