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Leibniz - the new system


Posted (edited)

hello, everyone...

well, i a need help in a question:

what Leibniz means at the second paragraph of their new system, when he says:

Through this I became aware that physics

needs more than the concept of mere

extended mass, and

that we must use also of the notion of

forceā€”a notion

from the domain of metaphysics, but a perfectly intelligible


what is that force????

thank you

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In order to truly understand Leibniz's concept of force, you need to understand his metaphysics, as well as his goals or intent to combat and disprove Spinoza's heretical philosophy.

A good way to explain Leibniz's conception of force is something we understand today as kinetic energy, but conceived as inherent in matter and represents the most essential nature of matter. Leibniz thought that force was more real in the physical world than its modes or extension. Thus, his concept of force makes him the chief advocate of dynamism in early modern science.

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