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In Defense Of Global Warming

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The 'market,' as an abstract though evolving entity, is contingent on growth, which is reflective of human desires, material proclivities, etc; this in turn fosters man as desire machine, and a feedback loop or dialectic is concretized, where man a la desire machine exists even unto death as no deterrent as against desire. At this point in the globalization game, it is simply not in the game plan to voluntarily delimit growth and dispositions to growth. Any voluntary adoption of globalization-growth delimitation has, given the being in question (man: desire machine), been rendered perhaps impossible.

One hears whispers of "sustainability," but one also recognizes them as immediately paltry. If the global market-desire-machine were a tank, consider such whispers as shooting a cap gun at it.

Enter global warming. A forced reconsideration. Entire civilizations collapse. Sum total human population is drastically scaled back. Maybe, just maybe: lesson learned. The industrial-global-desire-machine complex fails to reemerge from the ashes. Wounded, mankind is saved.

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