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Tokyo Open Courseware

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I found a gold mine. I can't even believe this exists.

Here's the link:

I was curious about whether any Japanese universities had similar OCW initiatives similar to the trend in the US. Sure enough, Todai (Tokyo University), had a website with lectures and course materials. Their website is a bit annoying and needs to be overhauled (it won't let me see a full catalog of courses, I have to put in search terms), but that's okay.

If you don't know Japanese, that's fine, because for quite a few of these courses, they have an English translation of the lecture notes/transcription.

Here's a lecture on the origin of matter: http://ocw.u-tokyo.a...251&r=576173562

eTEXT example (japanese): http://todai-etext.o...php?topic_id=42

eTEXT example (english): http://todai-etext.o...hp?topic_id=337

What's really awesome is their eTEXT software. It seems a bit buggy for some of the lectures I've tested, and also the Japanese transcription isn't word-for-word exact (which is fine), but this is just... wow. It has the lecture slide on the left, video of the professor on the right, and the transcription below. It organizes the transcription by slide, so you can jump around easily from topic to topic.

This is really good, not for just learning the subject, but also for language-learning, this is incredibly helpful.

I really want to contribute to stuff like this in the future. Unfortunately my Japanese is garbage, but maybe in about 1 year, my Japanese will be barely good enough to help translate material like this into English. There's hardly any English translations of the actual lectures, just the notes. I hope I can help with this.

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