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preparing for basic + olympic lifts

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I used to do powerlifting with the goal of putting on as much weight as possible, but I neglected my body for a long time unfortunately (several months). I’ve recently been getting back into the groove. I’m doing as much as my body can handle. Just making sure I’m eating well and sleeping 8 hours a night.

I’ve always been interested in olympic weightlifting but they’re significantly more complicated than the powerlifting movements. You can teach those to yourself by watching youtube videos and reading.

Olympians will spend years just perfecting their technique on OLs. And honestly the gyms I’ve been to didn’t have a platform for doing OLs, or bumper plates, or even tolerated people doing that stuff... so it wasn’t safe anyway. The gym I’m going to right now is awesome and caters to powerlifters and weightlifters.

I started by doing conditioning/plyometrics 6 x week for 2 weeks since I was out of shape: interval running, box jumps, push/pull weighted sled, pushups/pullups on olympic rings, planks, kettlebell swings, medicine ball stuff, doing lightweight squats + deadlifts + overhead press to get my form back.

Shoulder + elbow flexibility is critical for OLs, so I started doing these arm stretches using a stick every day. I dunno how to describe it or what it’s normally called but searching “stretch broomstick” brings up good examples.

My final goal is being able to do a clean & jerk and a snatch. These are very technical, you’re doing so many things throughout the entire movement. So you have to work up to it by breaking the movements down into pieces.

The exrx page on olympic weightlifting is good:

Clean & Jerk:




I dunno how hard those look if you’ve never done barbell lifts but it’s probably a lot more complicating than it looks.

On my first training session, my trainer had me do a back squat and deadlift to check my form. This is where you start when you learn the OLs. He said my form and flexibility in my lower body is very good, so next step, he showed me how to do a proper front squat, push press, and clean, then doing a clean & press in one movement

Front squat:


Notice how the girl’s tricep is parallel to the floor. It was impossible for me to do that when I first started.

Push press:




No .gif for clean & press but it’s just a clean, which naturally brings you to a position to do a push press. When you’re coming up with the bar, at around third/quarter squat position, explode with your core & legs as hard as you can to push the bar up.

When he showed me how to push press, it was weird because I did overhead press for a long time. Not just my flexibility lacking, but the entire movement for the overhead press is generated by your arms. On the push press, you pretend you’re going to jump into the air, so initially the movement of the bar is generated completely by exploding with your legs and core, 0 arm strength. Then you finish it out with your arms.

step 1:

My trainer recommended I do front squat, push press, and clean on Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 4 weeks. On Friday, also do clean & press sets. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, work on my 2 mile time and do a variety of pushups and pullups.

step 2:

After that we’ll do another session and he’ll start me on a split program where I do one day with 4 push movements, rest day, then one day with 4 pull movements, rest, etc. for 4 weeks. I’ll be starting a split schedule next week.

step 3:

Finally, we’ll do another session and I’ll learn to do the clean & jerk and snatch. My schedule will be a day with clean & jerk + assistance lifts, rest, then snatch + assistance lifts.

So how am I preparing for basic? By doing all of this. I looked up what happens in basic training, and honestly it’s baby stuff... lol. My trainer went through army basic training and he said I don’t need to think about it or worry about it. If I do olympic lifts + run and do pushups and pullups it’ll be a cakewalk.

I’m glad to be getting my body back too. I’m rapidly getting stronger and my body is changing fast, I'm starting to feel strong again. It’s motivating.

I’ve been sore throughout my entire body for the past 3 weeks. I’ve been sore literally every day, and in strange places that I used to never be sore in.

The OLs are REALLY fun btw. I’m not going to stop doing these.

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