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ISIS, Kabba, and McJihad

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The war drums are pounding yet again- indifferent to the tune they produce, the only Absolute and inexorable force in the everlasting flux.


And what do the generals say?

Ho-hum, hear ye this drum, their stronghold is not in Iraq, but Syria. Attack!

That the United States attempted a proxy overthrow of Bashar al-Assad may go down as a bungled disaster on par with the Iraq war. In part why does the West hate Assad so much? Six words, to quote Mr. Assad:

"I am not a Western puppet."

And we love our puppets, banana republics, Wahhabism itself if it keeps the Big Macs flowing.

I used to lament that the West no longer has any ethos, ontological vision, grounding solidarity- America could well be understood as the cult of Narcissus, but I've grown fatalistic. It's over. Warning- obsession with degeneracy and romanticisation of violence are the hallmarks of fascism. Ever see video of one of those ANTIFA (anti-fascist) groups, the 'anti-racist' warriors? Christ, everyone is a fascist these days.

Obama was elected, in part, on the condition of 'brokenness.' After all, is not 'hope' an indictment upon the status quo? He recently told a gathering at a DNC meeting, that "the world's always been messy...we're just noticing now in part because of social media." Irony, no?

How to destroy ISIS?

Bring the monoculture! McDonalds is a force more powerful than any atom bomb, and the holiest of holies. Even the Kabaa doesn't stand a chance.

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There was a nice article on ISIS in the London Review of Books last week: ISIS consolidates.

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