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Compare and Contrast

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As reported here (amongst other places), Phil Robertson (who was an extremely bad QB at Louisiana Tech back in the 60s just prior to Terry Bradshaw taking over as QB, but who has nonetheless attained notoriety for the Duck Dynasty cable program) recently spoke forth philosophically:

In remarks from March 20 at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast that were published online this morning, Robertson told a bizarre tale even by his standards. ... His apparent goal? To label atheists as unethical human beings who wouldn't think twice ... about chopping off someone's penis? Seriously. ...

"Two guys break into an atheist's home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters," Robertson explains as a set up.

"And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot 'em and they take his wife and decapitate her head off in front of him."

Robertson goes on to say an atheist would have no trouble committing these acts because an atheist isn't concerned about judgment from above.

Of his imaginary killers and rapists, he says, "They can look at him and say, 'Isn't it great that I don't have to worry about being judged? Isn't it great that there's nothing wrong with this? There's no right or wrong.'" ...

In contrast to Robertson's philosophical perspective, Rabi'a al-Basri prayed:

O God! If I worship You for fear of Hell, burn me in Hell,

and if I worship You in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise.

But if I worship You for Your Own sake,

grudge me not Your everlasting Beauty.

She also said:

I want to set fire to heaven with this flame and put out the fire of hell with this water so that people will cease to worship GOD for fear of hell or for temptation of heaven. One must love GOD as GOD is Love.
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